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The Campus Grill

The campus grill is located in building 5 of the BCCC Campus and is open during the Spring & Fall semesters. New for this semester is the ability to order online! Follow the link on the right to place your order, and have it ready for you when you arrive.


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  • Do they have the internet on computers now?

    Yes they do! The modern internet was first developed by the ancient Phoenicians with its intended hardware to be the abicus. More recent developments in personal computering, spearheaded by Al Gore, have allowed engineers to developed new computing devices that are able to perform comparable fountions of those in years past.

  • What's blue and smells like red paint?

    Blue paint.

  • What did one stranger say to the other stranger?

    Nothing. They didn't know each other.

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BCCC Library

Go to the library and read a book. Located in building 5

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The absolute worst phrase you can hear a nuclear physicist say.

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Dragons find it deeply insulting when they are confused with wyverns. You only make that mistake once.

Save Your Work

There's nothing worse than losing all the pictures of your cat that you've edited!

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There are too many people on planet Earth... I want to go live on Mars

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Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there!


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adopt a dog

Dogs are pretty cool. They love to play, eat treats, and sleep a lot.


adopt another dog

You don't want your first dog to get loney so just go ahead and get another one so they can play together.


adopt a cat

You already have two dogs and probably have to vacuum all the time anyway, why not get a cat too?


Undergo Genetic Modification

Turn yourself into some sort of human/plant hybrid so you can perform photosynthesis and save money on groceries!

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